Coding is more about thinking than coding

Coding is as much engineering as artistry. It can be complicated, but it can also be elegant and simple. Seriously? Yes it is!

What is it we do here?

Andy Hertzfeld

“It's the only job I can think of where I get to be both an engineer and an artist. There's an incredible, rigorous, technical element to it, which I like because you have to do very precise thinking. On the other hand, it has a wildly creative side where the boundaries of imagination are the only real limitation."

Yevgeniy Brikman

“Coding itself should not be the goal. Computers and programming are just tools. They are a means to an end. The real goal should be to teach people a new way to think. In other words, we should be trying to teach computer science and not just coding.”

Steve Jobs

“t didn't have to do with using them (computers) for anything practical; we used it as a way to mirror our thought process. I think everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think. I view computer science as a liberal art, something everyone should learn to do.”

What's Coding?

Coding is a tool combining critical thinking and artistry. Even though it can be very complex, code doesn't have to be understood by only a few. Explaining a difficult subject in a language that most will understand is also a part of the thinking process. It is the ambition of this website to do just that:

Simplicity and Elegance

About Me

Hi and welcome. I am Pierre and I am not a professional coder, far from it. I am just someone who likes to think, and write code for pleasure. Being a self-taught coder, I was often discouraged by tutorials that were incomprehensible or confusing. I wondered why something so logical had to be so obscure and arcane. The worst was trying to follow a series of instructions without being given any understanding or meaning of the code and its context. When I eventually realized that there was more to code than code itself, the idea of this website was born.

Simple is not simplistic

What I Believe

Simple thoughts do not mean easy or simplistic reasoning. On the contrary. Simplicity is actually a process that eliminates what is unnecessary to reach the essential core. It is comparable to the process of purification in chemistry.

My goal is simple: sharing my passion for logical simple thoughts and elegant coding. That's why this site is open to anyone having the same mindset. The only condition is a commitment to clarity and openness to others' thoughts.

Commitment to clarity

If you like coding,

if you like to think differently,

if you believe difficult concepts can be explained simply, then...